Welcome to Italian food explained
by Stefano Angeli

This website is some kind of a “travel diary” in the world of Italian food.

It’s a journal  of my experiences.  Of my learning about cooking and italian recipes.  But it’s not only that.

I want to record and share what I know about cooking.  I will write about italian food, but also about techniques and equipment.

In conclusion it’s a website about a journey. A culinary journey in my world.

Photo by Stefano Angeli - Italian food
Photo by Stefano Angeli

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What else…

What else will you need? Other than excellent ingredients what else will you need?  There are other two very important elements that will help you get the right results.  These are kitchen equipment and kitchen techniques. In this blog I will not spend too much time on equipment or techniques, unless it’s really needed.  But …

About me

About me

My name is Stefano Angeli. I am not a chef.  Cooking is not my job. I have never taken any cooking class or course (at least untill now).  I don’t run a restaurant.  Actually my job is completely different, as I am a sort of tax consultant and CPA in Italy.

But… I have been cooking and studying how to cook on my own for the last 30 years.  It’s my passion.  It’s my life.  When I am in my kitchen I forget all my troubles, I relax and feel in peace with the world and myself.

After so many years I decided to move a step forward.  So I started to study harder, I enrolled in a cooking course, bought some books and started to buy some good kitchen equipment.  I am taking notes of all my tests, my recipes, my ideas on a small Moleskine notebook.

Then I had an idea: why not share on the web my experience, what I learn, what I discover?  So I created this webpage, a blog on WordPress.   Here I will write everything I know and I learn about cooking.  Not just about italian recipes, but also kitchen equipment, foods and ingredients, techniques.

I would like to learn with you how to cook and to discover the traditional recipes of my country, Italy.  How to make a perfect Carbonara, how to cook a Risotto or a Brasato.  I want to find the best ingredients and learn the best techniques with you.

This blog will be a diary of a culinary journey and if you want to I will be honored to bring you with me in this trip.

Stefano Angeli 




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Recipes from the italian magazine La Cucina Italiana. 


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Another website with a lot of recipes, not just italian ones. 

 Sale & Pepe

Online version of the italian paper magazine, full of recipes and ideas.


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