What else…

What else will you need?

Other than excellent ingredients what else will you need?  There are other two very important elements that will help you get the right results.  These are kitchen equipment and kitchen techniques.

In this blog I will not spend too much time on equipment or techniques, unless it’s really needed.  But I want to write just a couple of hints about these two important issues.

Equipment:  the most important tools for a chef are his knives.  So it’s very important to get at least a couple of very good knives that will fit perfectly in your hand and that will have the right shape and dimension for the way you use them.  A chef knife and a paring knife.  Before you buy them, please, hold them, feel them in your hands and if you can test them.  They will be your best friends for all your cooking life.

Other important piece of equipment are, obviously, the cooking pans.  But on these I will probably return later on.

Techniques: these are very important, and you need to know at least the basic ones to achieve good results.  There are many good books about them.  I suggest you to buy Jacques Pépin’s “New Complete Techniques”, it’s the bible about cooking techniques.  736 pages full of pictures and great explanation.  It’s in English or French (unfortunately not in Italian yet).

Another very good one, and this one is in Italian, was written by the greatest italian chef who left us just few days ago, Gualtiero Marchesi: “Oltre il fornello: Segreti e consigli del re dei cuochi”.  Unfortunately I think it’s not available on paper anymore, but you can buy the e-book version (Kindle for example) and it’s a great reading.

Cooking knives
By Stefano Angeli

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